Optimizing Supply Chains

Everything Recycling Inc. uses recent innovations in supply chain mapping technology to assist businesses in tracking the full life-cycle analysis (LCA) of manufactured products and services. Our supply chain optimization services ensure that we can implement and maintain procedures to meet the requirements of government regulations according to municipal, provincial, national and global standards. We also work on software systems installations to ensure businesses can make decisions using statistics, data and have traceability throughout their supply chain.

Everything Recycling Inc. can provide solutions for:

Operations Optimization

  • Supply chain analysis
  • Raw material sourcing, procurement & traceability
  • Supplier auditing

Specific Supply Chain Analysis

  • Carbon impact & full life cycle analysis
  • Pricing & supply availability
  • Raw materials sourcing
  • Conflict metal management & tracing
  • Solutions for greening products
  • Developing advanced sustainability strategies

Once we have mapped your supply chain, our experts will then analyze the entire life cycle of your raw materials, developing advanced sustainability strategies, providing solutions for greening products, and optimizing the supply chain to create the most value for your organization.

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