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In 2016, Everything Recycling Inc. was founded with a mission to contribute to the global effort of environmental sustainability. Our goal is to support a green future by helping businesses meet sustainability and diversion targets in their everyday operations. A common thread between all businesses is that all businesses create waste; however, not enough attention is paid to ensuring that all waste is properly stored, recycled and traced to limit its environmental impact. Also, due to lack of knowledge, resources, time, or space, businesses often overlook the monetary value that can be created by advanced waste management systems.

Our team is experienced in handling and recycling all types of waste, from cardboard, to aluminum, to lesser-known exotic metals, precious metals and rare earth metals. Every waste stream has its own challenges, and Everything Recycling Inc. is a team of experts that have advanced knowledge and expertise to partner with businesses and help find creative solutions for these challenges. Whether it is introducing businesses to new technologies, sourcing & tracing raw materials inputs, improving waste management processes, or identifying and improving inefficiencies in a value chain, Everything Recycling Inc. will help solve all challenging issues regarding waste. We are perpetually striving to find new and innovative ways to help businesses create waste management procedures that are environmentally friendly while also creating value for a sustainable and profitable future.

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