Creating Value from Waste

Everything Recycling Inc. is focused on contributing to an environmentally sustainable future. We are dedicated to helping our partners maximize the value of their recycled materials. We provide waste management services for the handling of metals, plastics, electronics, batteries, paper-cardboard, wood, biomass and many other wastes.

Our organization can provide the necessary expertise to guide and help your company engage in a circular economy. Any manufacturer of a good or service has an obligation to identify, monitor, track and dispose of physical assets or products at their end of life.

Our organization is highly skilled in understanding the complexity of all your waste streams and how they can be characterized (lab analytics, chemical composition, biological activity, physical characteristics).

After characterizing the waste, we are then able to identify economically beneficial technology and processes to upgrade that waste into valuable products. The products can include electricity, thermal heat, water, steam, CO2 or other product streams, which can also be used onsite at the plant, manufacturing facility or building.

Our value creation services will help you properly store and categorize your waste which, in turn, will help you maximize its monetary value. Once your recycled materials are sorted, stored and ready for transportation, we will then help you sell your waste materials or buy them ourselves.

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Everything Recycling can help your business:

  • Manage and implement processes for handling, storage, transportation and disposal of regulated and Non-regulated waste
  • Reducing handling costs by improving waste storage, sorting and categorization
  • Optimize transportation efficiencies
  • Maximize waste monetary value and reduce disposal costs
  • Access to our organization experts and buyer’s network
  • Enabling a circular economy & product disposal using tracking software

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