Carbon Fiber Recycling

Everything Recycling is pleased to offer services to support the recycling of carbon fiber and mixed carbon fiber with Nomex® and Kevlar® waste streams.

With the advancement of carbon fiber use in aerospace, automotive manufacturing and sporting goods, we understand that this waste stream is very commonly thrown into the garbage. Everything Recycling will support retail and manufacturing organizations to divert carbon fiber from manufacturing or end-of-life waste such as hockey sticks, golf equipment and bicycles.

Please contact us to have a discussion regarding your carbon fiber waste for recycling. We will be please to help you find a solution.

Is your company looking to develop products produced from 100% recycled carbon fiber and plastic compounds?

Looking for support on your future R&D projects and product development.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Our Products:

Everything Recycling is currently developing applications for recycled carbon fiber wastes, including use in:

  • Thermoplastic pellets (PP, Nylon, PE, PS)
  • Automotive, Truck & Aerospace parts
  • Foams
  • 3D Printing Filament
  • Manufactured sporting goods

We can recycle:

  • Prepreg manufacturing scrap
  • Carbon fiber fabric tape
  • Composite waste
  • Carbon fiber mates
  • End-of-life waste from industry
  • Mixed carbon fiber waste (Nomex® and Kevlar®)