Battery Recycling Program

Everything Recycling understands that there will be increased requirements to offer recycling programs for Lithium-Ion and other new battery technology. We are pleased to offer these recycling services with a domestic processing guarantee, ensuring that your batteries are recycled and processed within Canada and the USA using some of the most stringent environmental standards in the world.

Lithium-Ion battery waste can come from Electric Vehicles, Computers & Electronic Equipment & Cellphones.  Our organization would be happy to organize a review of your waste and immediately schedule a pick-up for disposal. We are an approved Call2Recycle Collection Partner.

ERI can support your organization in establishing and providing recycling solutions for all types of batteries, ensuring traceability and environmentally friendly processes.

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Everything Recycling Inc. can help your organization recycling the following different batteries:

Household Alkaline

from medical equipment, clocks, flashlights, portable radios, and electronic toys


from Electric Vehicles, Computers, Tools & Electronic Equipment

Button Cell

from wristwatches, microphones, computers, electronic thermometers, car keys

Lead Acid (Pb)

from cars, computer back-up, forklifts, emergency lighting, sump pumps, energy storage